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TESDA Director graces 16th Tech-Voc graduation

TESDA Director Nestor Tabada delivered the inspirational message during the Graduation of the 16th Batch of the LGU-Daliao Tech-Voc Program. In his message, he told the graduates about opportunities that await them as the country moves forward in the arena of development. He also encouraged the barangay officials to institutionalize the tech-voc program. PB Oping Te expressed his elation for the new milestone of the center, having graduated 195 students in three competencies. Those in attendance include Kgd. Ryan Maboloc, Kgd. Rodel Granada, Kgd. Susan Tega, and Kgd. Bong Dumogho. Also in attendance were Inst. Maris Bolo, Inst. Teodoro Espera, and Mr. Manolito Seguerra, tech-voc supervisor. Kgd. Maboloc told the graduates that success depends in making the right choices and emphasized the role of the training program as a step in changing one's outlook in life. Kgd. Dumogho gave the closing remarks.
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Oping Te re-elected to 3rd term

Punong Barangay Rodolfo B. Te was re-elected to his third term during the recently concluded May 14, 2018 Barangay Elections. He garnered 4,830 votes as against the 2,419 votes of Rene Pe Benito and the 1,254 votes of Susan Tega. Meanwhile, former barangay captain Lolito Sucayre topped the votes for barangay kagawad with 4,178. He was followed by Christopher Ryan Maboloc with 3,999, Genaro Oberez Jr. with 3,793, Joven Anthony Mulat with 3,642, Rodel Granada with 3,493, Joseph Dumogho with 3,463, and Raymond Zapanta with 3,423.

90th Araw ng Barangay successful

The 90th Founding Anniversary of Barangay Daliao was successfully celebrated last May 1, 2018. The theme of the event was "Kaayuhan para sa tanang katawhan." PB Rodolfo Te gave a message encouraging unity and participation in the vision of human development. The activities included the 5th Bancathon Race, Inter-Sitio Basketball Tournament, Salu-Salu sa Barangay, and the Tech-Voc Festival, in which outstanding techvoc graduates from Daliao were recognized. Third District Representative Alberto Ungab graced the occasion and discussed development efforts on infrastructure in the Third District where Daliao is set to be the agro-industrial center. He also announced a new six-million building for Barangay Daliao. Local officials were also present, this included Coun. Petite Principe, Coun. Didoy Ortiz, Atty. Bai Advincula (representing her father Coun. Bong Advincula) and Manny Clarion (representing his father, Coun. Bebot Clarion). The staff of VM Bernie Al-ag and Coun. Joselle …

The Success of the Tech-Voc Program

One of the most important projects under the administration of PB Rodolfo Te is the Tech-Voc Program, a barangay-based TESDA-accredited training that has produced more than 2,000 graduates since its start in 2011. It received its accreditation from TESDA in 2011 through the effort of Kgd. Christopher Ryan Maboloc. The program is led by two unassuming individuals, Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc (the brain behind the project) and Engr. Bong Dumogho (the heart and soul of the project). The project is a TESDA Kabalikat Awardee for Region XI. The program started in the old barangay hall building and used the personal welding equipment and tools of Engr. Dumogho. The first teachers were Teodoro Espera, Engr. Dumogho, Jerson Beduya and Gerard Divino. Later addition were Judith Pontanoza and Maris Bolo. All instructors are TVET holders. Today, the training supervisor is Manolito Seguerra. Later on, an assistant, Dennis Casia, was added to the staff. The project prides itself as having given…

Kagawad Ryan Maboloc files COC for third and final term

Christopher Ryan Maboloc has filed his Certificate Of Candidacy for his third and final term as Barangay Kagawad of Daliao, Toril District, Davao City. He previously served in 2010-2013 and 2013-18. His projects, with the support of the Sangguniang Barangay, include the establishment of the Tech-Voc Training Center (with Kgd. Joseph Dumogho) that has given free training to 2,000 constituents; the BFARMC Livelihood Program (with PB Oping Te and the Department of Agriculture) that distributed 10 small bancas, 30 motorized bancas, and fishing gears to 47 beneficiaries; and infrastructure projects which include the construction of a water system at Rovical Village, the completion of road concreting at San Vicente, and the completion of road at FESA Village. He was also co-sponsor of the annual Bancathon Race that has been initiated by Kgd. Rodel Granada. Other projects include the Urban Gardening Project at Sitio San Jose for three years. Kagawad Maboloc also sponsored the annual Values F…

PB Oping Te files candidacy

PB Rodolfo Te has filed his certificate of candidate for punong barangay. He will be running for his third and final term as village official in Barangay Daliao, Toril District, Davao City. Team Oping Te campaign manager Raymond 'Munding' Zapanta revealed that their line up includes Kgd. Junex Oberez, Kgd. Ryan Maboloc, Kgd. Rodel Granada, Kgd. Bong Dumogo, Kgd. Tonton Mulat, B/Sec. Zapanta, and Tech-Voc supervisor Manoling Seguerra. The elections will be held this May 14, 2018.

PB Oping Te bares May 2018 Line Up

PB Rodolfo Te will be seeking reelection in the forthcoming May 14, 2018 Barangay Elections. The line up of Team Oping Te are incumbent kagawads Junex Oberez, Ryan Maboloc, Rodel Granada, Bong Dumogho, and Tonton Mulat, and former brgy. sec. Munding Zapanta and tech-voc coordinator Manoling Seguerra. PB Oping Te and the Sangguniang Barangay implemented unprecedented projects for Daliao, including the tech-voc program, infrastructure development, youth and emergency services programs, sports development, support for day care centers, peace and order and barangay justice system, and livelihood for fisherfolks. The barangay was also a TESDA Region XI Kabalikat Awardee, the Davao City Outstanding Lupon Tagapamayapa Awardee (runner-up), and a DILG District Barangay Management Awardee. The barangay also boasts of new facilities, including a new 5-million barangay hall, a 4-million tech-voc building, a new 6-million covered court for sitio DUHA, and the 140-million food terminal.