Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Barangay Daliao Today

The leadership of PB Oping Te and the unity of the Sangguniang Barangay are integral to Daliao's continuing progress. For 2016, the barangay had an annual budget of 12,472,510. The main source of this fund is the Internal Revenue Allotment. Other sources include share from real property taxes and collections from cedula, filing fees, and certifications for business permit applications and renewals. To augment the barangay's resources and for other projects, the City Government and the Office of the District Representative sponsor many projects like roads and buildings. In this regard, Mayor Sara Duterte and Cong. Isidro Ungab have been a huge factor in the delivery of basic welfare to our constituents. A new two-storey, four-classroom tech-voc training facility will soon be inaugurated in the barangay. The present projects of the barangay include the techvoc program, various local infrastructure to improve drainage and roads, BFARMC projects, basic health care, sports development, gender and development trainings, barangay justice system, disaster preparedness seminars, and assistance to day care centers. Soon, the long envisioned public Barangay High School will rise in Daliao. In addition, the priorities of the barangay are basic health care, education and tech-voc program, local infrastructure development, support for small fisherfolks, sports and values formation, and peace and order. We also support business and efforts to spread economic progress like the development of the NDC Daratex property into a food terminal. The barangay has been awarded the TESDA Kabalikat Award for Region XI and has won twice in a row the DILG District-level Award for Good Barangay Administration and Management. It was also twice a runner-up in the Katarungan Pambarangay Award, City-level. The current problems we are facing include poverty, gangsteerism, sanitation and hygiene in the depressed sitios, and intermittent flooding in some areas. On this note, the Sangguniang Barangay aims to alleviate the burden of its constituents by means of committed, transparent, and honest public service.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Tech-Voc Skills Olympics held in Daliao

The first Tech-Voc Skills Olympics was held in Barangay Daliao last December 29, 2016. The event includes competition in consumer electronics, welding, and electrical installation. PB Rodolfo Te, Kgd. Bong Dumogho, Kgd. Ryan Maboloc graced the event. Instructors Teodoro Espera and Jerson Beduya judged the contestants. Mr. Manolito Seguerra coordinated the contests which have been participated in by former Tech-Voc students.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kgd. Maboloc leads in helping promote youth values formation

Kagawad Ryan Maboloc, with the support of the Barangay Council and PB Oping Te, has successfully promoted youth values formation in the barangay in 2016. Seminars and trainings have been conducted to inculcate in the minds of the members of the Youth Task Force and youth leaders from the different sitios the ideas of nation building, democratic governance and spiritual values, among others. Speakers from Ateneo and USEP delivered the lectures and led the workshops. The speakers were Mr. Lunar Fayloga, Fr. Dexter Veloso, Mr. Peter Elicor, Ms. Keith Pastrana, Ms. Eloisa Ramirez, and Dr. Moises Torrentira. A total of 100 youths participated in the trainings. Kgd. Tonton Mulat and Kgd. Bong Dumogho assisted in this program.

DA gives 30 motorized bancas to Barangay Daliao fishermen

Sixty small fishermen from Barangay Daliao were chosen as beneficiaries of the motorized bancas as part of the 600 units that the Department of Agriculture distributed to the different barangays in Davao Region through Sec. Manny Pinol. The secretary urged the recipients to use the said bancas to improve their well-being. He said that the project is the government's direct way of helping the people. The beneficiaries were also tasked to help manage the coastal resources and to protect the seas from illegal fishing. PB Oping Te and Kgd. Ryan Maboloc, chair of the agriculture and fisheries committee, together with other kagawads, accompanied the fishermen to the event.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Tech-Voc Building soon to rise

A new four (4) million peso Tech-Voc building will soon rise in Barangay Daliao. The project, an initiative of former Rep. Isidro Ungab, will house the training center for welding, electronics and electrical installation. Barangay Daliao is the only community-based training center in the whole Region XI with such a building facility. The barangay has graduated close to 1,800 trainees in the above competencies. A TESDA Kabalikat Awardee, the barangay has been licensed by TESDA since 2011. The program is led by PB Rodolfo Te, Kgd. Bong Dumogho and Kgd. Ryan Maboloc. The program supervisor is Manolito Seguerra while the instructors include Mr. Teodoro Espera, Mr. Jerson Beduya and Mr. Froilan Divino. The recent visitors to the center include PD Nestor Tabada of TESDA Davao and DILG Bukidnon Director Bruce Colao.

3rd Panagat Festival held successfully

The 3rd Panagat Festival was successfully held in Barangay Daliao. The chair of the festival, Kgd. Anthony Mulat, led the program which included the presentation from schools, a cultural contest for the barangay functionaries and sporting events. The event is a showcase of the talents and skills of the people of Daliao. Kgd. Rodel Granada led the rites for the sports events. Sports remains important in building camaraderie and health awareness in the community. PB Rodolfo Te was elated to inform the constituents in the barangay that the activity is for the greater good and benefit of all. Meanwhile, Kgd. Ryan Maboloc also emphasized during the Bancathon Competition the importance of protecting the coastal resources in Daliao. A traditional fishing community, bancas as a way of life is already a part of its heritage. The major sponsors for the Panagat Festival and Bancathon include Rep. Albert Ungab, Coun. Bernie Al-ag, Coun. Bong Advincula, Zest-o Corp, Emperador Brandy, and NCCC Mall.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Higantes Festival celebrated during Sagrada Corazon de Maria Fiesta

The Fiesta of Sagrada Corazon de Maria in Sitio Proper A, Barangay Daliao, was celebrated with an opening salvo featuring its own version of the Higantes Festival. The event, held last June 1, 2016, organized by the GKK of Sagrada Corazon de Maria and Kgd. Anthony Mulat, was attended by more than a thousand people. Barangay officials, led by PB Oping Te, Kgd. Ryan Maboloc, and Sec. Raymond Zapanta, graced the event, which was aimed at celebrating unity and well-being in the community. The Higantes Festival in Sitio Proper A dates back to the early 80s in which the fiesta was celebrated with a very festive mood, enhancing the sense of a common bond among local residents in the place.

Bancas distributed to small fishermen

The City Agriculturist Office, through the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources office, distributed ten (10) fishing bancas to qualified beneficiaries in Barangay Daliao in June 2016. PB Rodolfo Te, Kgd. Ryan Maboloc and Mr. Manolito Seguerra helped facilitate the release of the bancas, one of the primary projects of the Barangay Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council in Barangay Daliao. The project intends to help small fishermen in their livelihood.

Friday, July 8, 2016

5 million infra projects implemented

Infrastructure projects worth five (5) million pesos from the Office of Rep. Isidro Ungab have been implemented this year. The projects include road concreting at Sitio Prudential and Sitio Dona Manuela. PB Rodolfo Te saw to it that the said projects are realized as part of barangay development. The Committee on Infrastructure, represented by Kgd. Ryan Maboloc, member, inspected the projects which are now on-going.


Kgd. Ryan Maboloc (Principal Author) I. Rationale The Local Government Code of 1991 (RA 7160), Sec.391, par. 22, clearly mandates that the Sangguniang Barangay, as a legislative body, “shall provide for the establishment of Non-Formal Education in the barangay, whenever feasible…” This important provision is vital to barangay development as skills development and training are important in order to promote the welfare of our constituents. The Sangguniang Barangay of Daliao has taken the initiative to coordinate with the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) with regard to providing competency in metal arc welding, electrical installation, and consumer electronics. This has been a pivotal program in the barangay in order to enhance the knowledge and competencies of our constituents which will help them in better employment prospects. Through this capability building training-workshop in the barangay, we will be able to train many youth participants in the areas of welding, electrical installation and electronics. The capability building activity is intended to realize the aim of Sec. 391, par. 22 which is meant for the upliftment of the skills of our constituents. II. Objectives: 1. To enhance, promote and develop technical education in the barangay through skills training in welding, electrical installation and electronics, with the help of TESDA; 2. To develop the skills, knowledge, and competencies of our barangay constituents, in the area of technical education and skills development; 3. To empower our constituents in the field of technical education and skills development for better employment prospects; III. Description The capability training-workshop will deliver skills training modules to its participants in the area of technical education and skills development, specifically in three skill competencies, namely, Metal Arc Welding, Electrical Installation and Maintenance, and Consumer Electronics, with the supervision of TESDA. Barangay Daliao is licensed by the Provincial Office of TESDA to deliver community-based trainings. The capability building workshop will be delivered through lectures, practical exercises. TESDA-accredited instructors will deliver the trainings to qualified applicants who have been pre-screened for their commitment to finish the program.

Friday, January 22, 2016

LGU-Daliao TechVoc Center soon to rise

Kgd. Joseph Dumogho and Kgd. Ryan Maboloc have pushed for the institutionalization of the LGU-Daliao TechVoc Training Center. This developed after it was announced that the amount of four million pesos has been allotted by Congressman Isidro Ungab for the construction of the new Tech-Voc building to be named as Mariano Te Tech-Voc Memorial Training Center.
The orientation for the 9th batch was successfully held last year and the trainings are currently on-going with almost a hundred new enrollees. In all, the program has given training and certificates of completion to almost a thousand graduates since 2011. PB Rodolfo Te has touted the program as his centerpiece program for human development.

Congressman Ungab allocates 140 million for Food Terminal

Representative Isidro Ungab has allocated 140 million pesos for the first phase of the construction of the Southern Mindanao Food Terminal Complex this 2016. The project will involve site development, the construction of commercial stalls and administrative offices.
The project, located in the National Development Company owned property at DARATEX in Daliao, Toril, Davao City, is expected to boost agriculture as well as accelerate economic activities for Davao City and its nearby localities. PB Rodolfo Te is elated and has been supportive of this project which will serve the good of the constituents in the barangay.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

LGU-Daliao Tech-Voc Center holds Training in Comval

The LGU-Techvoc Training Center of Daliao successfully held a training on three competencies for the residents of Barangay Andap, New Bataan, Compostela Valley Province, in cooperation with the Ateneo College Faculty Union. A total of 35 trainees finished NC I in welding, consumer electronics and electrical installation. PB Rodolfo Te and Kagawad Ryan Maboloc, together with CFU President Dr. Albert Jubilo and CFU Officers Glenn Depra and Helenita Legaspi attended the orientation in Andap, New Bataan. Engr. Joseph Dumugho supervised the training last May 25-30, 2015.

Youth asks about democracy

Most participants during the Youth Summit held last June 14, 2015 in Daliao curiously asked about the meaning of democracy, or whether or not there is democracy in the country. In particular, one participant asked why supposedly democratic countries are actually the poorest. Ms. Jeresa May Ochave, director for communications at the Centrist Democracy Political Institute, gamely responded to those questions by highlighting the principles of democratic governance, which according to her are rooted in the rule of law, the bottoms-up or participatory approach, and the principle of subsidiarity. She encouraged the youth to understand more fully the meaning of true democratic participation and public accountability, which she says are the two things that elected officials should commit themselves in. The serious topic is a challenge to the participants, but the speaker has been able to navigate with ease explaining things to the young people in attendance. Meanwhile, Fr. Dexter Veloso of the Saint Francis Xavier College Seminary shared with the participants the importance of respecting the dignity of people, and the value of moral integrity in public service. He emphasized the importance of justice as the minimum of love, and encouraged the youth to seek the common good. Lastly, Professor Peter Elicor elaborated the value of teamwork in getting things done. The participants eagerly shared their understanding of democratic leadership in the team building workshop. PB Rodolfo Te was elated that the Youth Summit was very enriching for all the participants, who were also expected to make an action plan for the youth in the next five (5) years.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Barangay Youth Summit 2015

The Sangguniang Barangay of Daliao has successfully held the 2015 Barangay Youth Summit in Daliao last June 14, 2015 at the DCG Family Resort, Davao City. The event, which was attended by youth representatives from the 23 sitios, the officers of the Marlins team, and Tech-Voc instructors, included workshops and lectures by Fr. Dexter Veloso of the St. Francis Xavier College Seminary who talked about values formation, Prof. Peter Elicor of Ateneo who discussed the principles of leadership and team building, and Ms. Jeresa May Ochave of the Centrist Democracy Political Institute who explained the principles of democratic governance. PB Rodolfo B. Te, Kagawad Ryan Maboloc, Kagawad Joseph Dumugho, Kagawad Anthony Mulat, B/Sec. Raymond Zapanta and Tech-Voc Supervisor Manolito Seguerra also graced the event.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CFU-Ateneo to partner with Daliao in Tech-Voc Training

The College Faculty Union - Ateneo de Davao University will partner with the LGU-Barangay Tech-Voc Training Center in providing free training in three competencies to fifty (50) beneficiaries in the adopted community of CFU-ADDU in Compostela Valley Province this coming May 25-30, 2015. Dr. Albert Jubilo, Mr. Glenn Depra, Kagawad Ryan Maboloc, Kagawad Bong Dumogho and Mr. Manolito Seguerra met in the office of CFU-ADDU last March 23, 2015 to finalize the details of the project. The instructors that LGU-Daliao will send are Mr. Teodoro Espera (consumer electronics), Mr. Jerson Beduya (welding) and Mr. Froilan Divino (electrical installation).

BFARMC Empowerment Seminar

Barangay Daliao successfully conducted the first People Empowerment Seminar for Barangay Leaders and the BFARMC (Barangay Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council) at Camp Mary Hill, Marapangi, Davao City last March 30, 2015. The topics and speakers include "The role of the BFARMC" by Ms. Aimee Evora (City Agriculturist Office), "Child Labor Laws" by Atty. Jamil Matalam (Ateneo), "Decentralization and Federalism" by Prof. Ryan Maboloc (Ateneo) and "Action Planning for Resource Management" by Dr. Sherlito Sable (USEP).